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21 days ago

Hackers hacked into Metallica's account to promote METAL tokens

Hackers hacked into Metallica's social network X account to promote their METAL token on the Solana blockchain. The scammers managed to earn $3 million.

In the first tweet posted on behalf of Metallica, the attackers announced that the METAL token would improve fan interaction with the music band. Subscribers were told that the developers of the METAL token have partnered with Ticketmaster, so investors can enjoy discounts of up to 25% on concert tickets, as well as participate in an exclusive token giveaway.

The hackers then published another tweet that talked about a partnership with the MoonPay payment service, making it possible for users to buy METAL tokens with credit and debit cards. MoonPay management soon denied the information, saying that they do not support the token:

"If someone is offering you a $METAL token, they are not the master of puppets – they’re the master of scams!"

About 20 minutes after the hacker tweets were published, the market capitalization of the METAL token exceeded $3 million. After reports of the hack surfaced, the token collapsed nearly 100% and the market capitalization dropped below $90,000. Metallica has already restored access to its account and deleted the tweets.