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20 days ago

Billionaire Peter Thiel is not sure about the massive growth of bitcoin

The former CEO of payment company PayPal and billionaire Peter Thiel said he doesn't see the massive growth of bitcoin starting anytime soon.

During the Founders Fund program on CNBC Peter Thiel said that he still has some BTC in his wallets, but not as much as he should have. At the same time, Peter Thiel is not sure when a new batch of buyers will come to the market, as now all eyes are on the results of spot bitcoin ETFs. It is quite possible that the rate will rise by some percentage, but it will be a volatile period with large drawdowns and growth.

Peter Thiel invested in bitcoin back in 2014, and recorded a $1.8 billion profit in 2022 before the rate plummeted, but as it turns out, Peter Thiel has become a bit disillusioned with bitcoin, as he initially saw BTC as anarchic, out-of-control money for governments, but people at the FBI say it would be better if criminals used bitcoin instead of $100 bills, so the technology isn't working the way it should.